Keep the information alive!
apr 10
To facilitate consistent updating and collation of 
data, vectordesigns appreciates feedback from 
commuters on the street, besides conventional
information sources. 
If anybody has information on KL public bus routes 
(RapidKL, Metrobus, etc) as well as train, LRT 
and Monorail info, please email me at 
sulin at vectordesigns dot org. Thank you!
move (315°, 10000 km)
Jan 09
Ownership of vectordesigns has moved from Kuala 
Lumpur to London. Read the full story here.
Introducing  new schematic maps for free download!
jan 09
vectordesigns introduces bus route schematics, as 
inspired by London spider maps. This type of map is 
location-dependent, taking a particular town centre and 
depicting the bus routes that ply through it.
KL Sentral has been chosen as the prototype location.
Given the high number of routes going through, 
Bandar and Tempatan routes, as well as all those Utama 
routes that go through southern Klang Valley (i.e. U60 
to U69) are displayed. 
Click here to download the KL Sentral Bandar, 
Tempatan and southern Utama bus routes schematic 
PDF for free. Information here was correct as of Jan 2009.